Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Making the most of it

The weather presenter on the radio this morning said “It’s going to be unseasonably mild again, but not for long, so make the most of it”

Dear boss

I hope you don’t mind me not turning in for work on this lovely, warm, sunny day. Please be assured that I had fully intended fully attending work, but received firm, some might say authoritative instructions to do something rather more interesting.

Please imagine for one second. There I was, ready to leave the house for work, willing, if not eager to spend another day in your lovely company. Suddenly, I hear the weather presenter on the radio (national radio that is) and I probably do her a disservice describing her as a presenter. I’m sure she was in fact a fully qualified and experienced expert in all things meteorological. Anyway, she gave a clear, unequivocal instruction to “make the most of it” - the unseasonably warm weather, that is.

Now, before you jump to any conclusions about me skiving off work to lounge around the garden, let me point out no less, or more, than three quite critical points:

1.       I do not actually have a garden, merely a small rear yard, with quite insufficient lounging room.

2.       This was an instruction broadcast on the BBC – a publicly funded institution, paid for by us all. So, in effect, I was being democratically instructed by the nation to make the most of the nice weather. That includes you.

3.       Who are we to trust, in matters of the weather and how we should cope with it, if not the experts? Why do we rely on the Met Office to issue severe weather warnings, flood alerts and the like, if all we do is turn a blind eye, or two in my case? Surely only anarchy lies down that slippery slope.


I trust this explanation meets your approval and will see you tomorrow, weather permitting.


Yours faithfully