Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Twelve Days of Christmas: Boxing Day

You may not know that Boxing Day is so called because it’s the day in the year when you have to work out what the hell you are going to do with all the boxes left over from the day before. In our house, this now extends to the dinner as well as the gifts, since we have become very lazy and prefer the kind of ready-meal dinner option. The tricky part is not how to cook the dinner, as this is clearly printed on the labels it’s how to heat it up in the right order so that everything is ready to eat at the same time.
Actually, I take that back. The really tricky part, at least for a certain Mrs B, is reading the order confirmation correctly. We had dragged ourselves out of bed last Friday (remember, I was full of cold and deserving much sympathy) to go and collect our food from the local M&S at the allotted time of 8.30-9am. Feeling ever so slightly smug at having got ourselves there nice and early, beating the crowds, we presented ourselves at the desk. Rather than a cheery ‘ho ho ho’ from the shop assistant, we were told ‘computer says no, no, no’. Imagine how we laughed when we were told that our allocated pick up slot was 8.30-9pm.
So, when you get to the stage where even a ready-meal Christmas dinner is a bit too hard to cope with, what is next? Time for the kids to take over perhaps? Or how old do you need to be to qualify for meals on wheels?

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