Friday, January 27, 2012

Charity Appeal

Your Help Needed
It is a little known fact that literally tens of out of work actors suffer from a debilitating condition called Severe Overdramatic Death Syndrome, or SODS. Sufferers of this cruel affliction are compelled to enact outrageous scenes of their own demise in the most unfortunate of circumstances.

And it’s the families of sufferers who need our support. Like Julie, whose husband Tony has not worked since he was wiped out by a plane crash in Emmerdale. Julie weeps as she remembers their daughter’s wedding last year. “It was all going so well. Then the vicar asked if anyone had any good reason why they should not be married....Tony jumped up, screaming and clutching his chest, staggered to the front and collapsed over the altar. Then he just got up, took a bow, and with a big grin went back to his seat. “ Sufferers like Tony have a certain amount of control, and can lead a reasonably normal life, able to resist the urge to keel over in all but the most inappropriate environments – weddings, funerals, job interviews and the like. Tony is one of the lucky SODS.

Others, like Amanda, are known as useless SODS. They have little or no control over their desire to expire at almost every opportunity. Amanda died four gruesome deaths yesterday. The most embarrassing involved rolling around her local Morrisons fish counter, being attacked by a killer mackerel. Then at lunch, she couldn’t help but choke violently on her egg Mcmuffin, spewing it over horrified onlookers before staggering to the front of the restaurant for a grand finale, sliding down the window into a crumpled heap on the floor.

Your donation can make a big difference, and help these poor SODS.
Call now to donate, before it’s too late. 0800 777 111.

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